Heart Stories Healing Circle

Where can Asian American women artists and storytellers gather to share their work and be supported by like-minded community members? — At a Heart Stories circle

Started in the San Francisco Bay Area, Heart Stories is a creative healing circle hosted by Haylee with the mission to support, connect, and empower Asian American woman artists and storytellers.

Why Heart Stories?

Storytellers and artists attending Heart Stories share work that often reflects the painful experiences of their identities. The kind of vulnerability that happens in a Heart Stories circle requires each attendee to be intentional about practicing loving-kindness — offering everyone in the circle compassion and empathy while respecting that every person in the circle carries a  degree of pain and trauma in their heart. With this in mind, Haylee incorporates restorative justice practices and principles within the circle to provide a foundation of transformative healing.

How does the circle work?

A Heart Stories creative circle usually consist of 12-15 Asian American women. We’ll start the circle with dinner, introductions and a review on community agreements. Afterwards, the sharing begins! You’ll have 5-7 minutes to share and anyone in the circle can respond with feedback, reflection, and affirmations.

Let’s host a circle together?

Email me at hayleethikeo@gmail.com.